Our Mission

The mission of the John Edwin Mroz Global Leadership Institute centers on continuing and promoting the legacy and values of the EastWest Institute (EWI) and its founder, John Edwin Mroz, a fiercely independent champion of conflict prevention and resolution. The Mroz Institute will educate new generations about the methods and benefits of Track II diplomacy and promote research and scholarship on its history and impact in the interest of promoting conflict avoidance and resolution, with a special focus on the forty years of work by EWI.

The Mroz Institute’s mission is to help our students acquire essential skills of global fluency and educate them about diplomacy. We prepare students to become future global leaders through experiential learning opportunities, international mentoring programs, and study abroad opportunities. Its comprehensive and inclusive approach prioritizes global fluency as a part of each student’s academic work and honors the legacy of EWI and John Edwin Mroz.

The programming, colloquia and archival projects at the heart of the Mroz Institute’s mission ensures every College of Charleston degree is an asset in the international marketplace and every student is a potential leader in a tightly networked global village.